About Us

Entertaining patients and the wider community in Moray

Dr Gray’s Hospital Broadcasting Service (Wave Radio) was started in 1996 with the first show going out in January 1997. We broadcast from a small studio within Dr Gray’s Hospital in Elgin, the local hospital for Moray in the North East of Scotland.

Wave Radio is operated by volunteers and is funded entirely by donations. The volunteers produce and present the shows and through the management team carry out the running of the radio station. Promoting wellbeing in the community and contributing to patients recovery are the aims of Wave Radio, which would not be possible without the space provided by NHS Grampian within Dr Gray’s and the commitment of our volunteers.

Wave Radio also can attend local gala days and other events across the Moray area from where we can broadcast live and provide PA, music and compering.

If you wish to book  Wave Radio for an event email: secretary@waveradio.org.uk.

Management Team

Wave Radio is run by a management team made up from the volunteers.
Correspondence for all management team members other than the Chairman should be sent to the Secretary.


Chairman since 2012


Vice Chairman since 2012


Secretary since 2016


Treasurer since 2020

Listening to Wave Radio on Alexa

Wave Radio now has it’s own Alexa Skill which will allow you to easily listen to us on your Alexa device(s).

Within Alexa go to “Skills & Games” use the search to find the skill “Wave HCR”. Open the skill and then launch it, select the device(s) that you want to use to listen to Wave Radio.  

Wave Radio will start to play on these devices.

Once you have enabled the skill it will be in “Your Skills” and from then on all you need to say is one of the following:

“Alexa play wave radio elgin”  

“Alexa open wave radio elgin”

“Alexa launch wave radio elgin “