Wave Radio is a charity operated wholly by volunteers and receives no funding from outside agencies. If you would like to support Wave Radio by advertising with us you can either have an advert on-air or you can sponsor a programme.


We can produce a script and an advert in-house which will be played at least three times daily (times are at random – see Note below) for a three month or six month period.


If you wish to sponsor a programme you will be mentioned (see Note below) at least three times during the programme which will be broadcast at least once a week for a period of twelve months.

Prices start from only £60 and for details email secretary@waveradio.org.uk

Wave Radio reserves the right to refuse particular advertising/sponsorship.

Note: Adverts which are to be broadcast at a particular time and advertisers who wish a professional voiceover for their advert will incur additional charges. Programme sponsors who require a jingle will incur an additional charge.