This weeks showcase track is Paper Dragons but since it’s such a short track I decided to include a second song Brand New Phone.

Civil Punk are a band of brothers from Forres who have rocked halls, community centres, city clubs and outdoor festivals with their own hard rock, or ‘Death Punk’- a blend of rock, metal and punk – for almost 3 years now, which is no mean feat as the oldest brother is only 17

They comprise

Struan McFarlane – guitar
Ross McFarlane – bass & vocals
Lewis McFarlane – drums

You can check them out on their facebook page

Listen to the tracks anytime by clicking the link below

and even better you can catch them live this Saturday 21st May at aprox 3.30pm where they will be taking part in the Lantern of the North Showcase on the Plainstones Event in Elgin running from 12-4pm