The Comedy Bothy featuring Billy Kirkwood 06/11/15
Mad Hatters, Inverness

Headline Act: Billy Kirkwood
Support Acts:
Kieran J E Lochore
Alan Young
Lady Fiona Redwood

On Friday I attended one of Mad Hatters’ regular comedy nights called The Comedy Bothy that takes place on the first Friday of each month. The main reason I went was the headline (and only) act announced being Billy Kirkwood. I had seen Billy Kirkwood before in Elgin at one of the Do You Like Jokes? nights at Elgin Town Hall. I had also seen him at Mad Hatters when he, along with Chris Brooker, preformed the wrestling based comedy show I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. Being an avid wrestling fan, Kirkwood is also known as the voice of Insane Championship Wrestling. Basically put, I was going.

The show took place at Mad Hatters which is just above Hootenanny’s in Inverness. It’s a small, intimate venue with a bar and a relaxed atmosphere. The first act announced by the compere (didn’t catch his name) was Fiona Redwood. She was a Highland lass, with a perchant for self detremental jokes about embarassing incidents that has happened in her life. She was loud and funny, a good way to kick off the nights proceedings.

Up next was Alan Young from Glasgow, a rotund gentleman (much like myself) talking about everyday things about his previous jobs and the people he worked with, to political jokes merging with his time as a career advisor (less like myself). It was good, clean (for the most part) jokes that were funny and had folk laughing away.

The final act before break was Kieran J E Lochore from Orkney, who, by his own admission, looked like Hagrid from the Harry Potter franchise. He talked about his troubles finding a woman and his everyday attempts to chat up the ladies to much hilarity.

After the interval, it was time for the MAIN EVENT, Billy Kirkwood entered to a cheer as he worked the crowd into a frenzy, pulling crowd members onto the stage to perform the weirdest Beyonce tribute act. AND THAT WAS ONLY THE BEGINNING. The energetic Ayrshire native didn’t miss a beat and had the whole crowd laughing until they cried. A lot of the jokes I can’t repeat but I can tell you that there was an impression of a gypsy that will never leave my mind. Kirkwood commanded the stage, putting down mild heckles with ease. He talked about his tattoos of which one is a teacake, his homelife and being banned from three gyms for reasons that will become clear. We were also treated to a magic trick at the end with more crowd interaction which had to be seen to be believed.

It was a fun night in the Highland capital with many laughs shared. At a low low price of FREE, I’d certainly recommend going to The Comedy Bothy.

– Billy

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